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Custom Services


3D Rebar Detailing and Modeling

Rebar Enterprises Inc. and ADDA partners are tried and tested specialist global reinforcement analytics companies, providing solutions for complex reinforcement projects. Talk to us and find out how we can partner with you to deliver cutting edge industry solutions, saving your next project time, money and improving safety.


Advanced Concrete Modeling

We produce a comprehensive set of drawings by incorporating all steps, profiles, sections, curbs, depressions, openings, slopes, and soffit of slab for easy framing and coordination. 


Special Designs and Structures

We have teams specializing in Nuclear, Hydro Dams, Oil and Gas Platforms, Mining, Slip forming and other complex operations.

Esmonde (Gamo) Klass

CEO GreenHeartTree Energy Inc.

As a business person who is currently involved in the management of several companies I am of the firm belief that the main business, with a sharp focus on shareholders’ interest, is the improvement of the welfare of people.


I have known Emin for over 20 years and his dedication to home and work families gives one a clear insight into how he manages his business and the pride he takes in his end products.


Rebar Enterprises Inc. Is one of the preeminent companies with respect to their dedication to customer service and quality of work.


I have had the privilege of working with Emin on several business endeavours , in Ontario and Internationally, and unquestionably he has approached every project with empathy, caring, listening keenly before offering solutions, fairness and focusing on a “win-win” outcome.


With Emin and his team at Rebar Enterprises Inc. customers will be receiving exceptional value.

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