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Premium Rebar Detailing

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements

Of providing Shop Drawings and barlists and Fix on Site mentality, we take a proactive role of solving most of your problems ahead of time by micro analyzing your projects and resolving potential risks to your budget and schedule.


We take special pride in exceeding the basic expectations and offering services that include and are not limited to:

  • Lean Rebar Design

  • Excavation Profiles and Optimization

  • Smart Budget Tracking

  • Support System Design

  • Site Technical Support

  • Site Condition Solutions​

Shawn Millican


What an efficiency! Slab detailed by pervious detailer had 22MT, detailed by REI 13.8MT!

M.I. Araujo

Placing Manger

I can talk anytime to the one who understand our challenges and requirements and find solutions

Dave Andreola

Icon Rebar Owner

Impeccable Drawings, Communication, Logistics, and Organizational skills. My ONLY Detailers

Jeff Watson

Love working with Emin and team, they constantly demonstrate exceptional Value, Service and up  to 20% greater Efficiency to our clients

Craig Slama

Closely working with the best detailers, number of RFIs is zero, turning drawings at very high pace

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