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Rebar Enterprises is committed to protecting the environment and making the world a better place.

We are driven by philanthropic responsibility and the strong desire to give back to communities, both locally and worldwide.

We work in an industry that provides us the opportunity to make a difference in the urban settings and lives of people.  We design and create structures that provide environmentally responsible infrastructure, integrate urban greenspace to sustain a healthy and pollution free community, and reduce environmental risks.  We dedicate our time and resources to working with our exclusive network of partners – industry, technological, charitable, and professional institutions - to deliver impactful services that will make a long-lasting difference in local communities and the world.  


Our support and philanthropic efforts include:

Supporting organizations/institutions:

  • Government institutions and programs – Provincial and Federal

  • Numerous Charitable organizations – food banks, multicultural services, hospitals and services

  • Local Unions – through fundraising efforts

  • Higher education - promoting through various scholarships and presentations


Environmental sustainability

  • Designing safer and longer lasting structures.

  • Creating structures sustaining green-space and using environmentally friendly materials

  • Reducing negative environmental pollutants and materials



  • Sponsorship of various institutions and programs on local and global level

  • Participating in and sitting on multiple Educational and Technical committees

Emin & Doug Ford.jpeg

An Evening with Ontario PC Party Leader, Doug Ford & Peel Regional MPP

Louis De Barros

President of IWU Local 721

IWU Local #721 magazine: "A special thanks to Buzimkic EminRebar Enterprises Inc., for his involvement in developing the current detailed shop drawings, matching specs and industry standards our apprentices will be exposed to in the rebar field. His designs and mockups consider, with input from engineering firms, common concerns regarding proper placing of critical elements and common real-time conditions. Buzimkic also helped coordinate with several sponsors for donations of time and material to the local training centre."

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