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Our Culture


@ Rebar Enterprises we not only value teamwork, we build it. Our work environment is designed to build high performing teams - working together toward a common goal, sharing individual knowledge and experience, and cultivating effective communication to provide the best services possible. As a member of the team, our employees have the opportunity to:

  • Advance and enhance your individual professional experience

  • Brainstorm - develop creative ideas and innovative thinking

  • Fast track problem solving – promote out of the box solutions

  • Build trust – at all levels of the company

  • Be a valuable contributor – every voice counts

  • Improve communications –open space office and regular meetings encourage effective communications 


@ Rebar Enterprises you and your skills are valuable. Every employee has the ability to contribute individually to our workplace, culture and projects.   Working toward a common goal, every employee has a clearly defined role that allows you to work independently, have responsibility, a sense of accomplishment and pride.  We are proud of each and every employee and what they bring individually.


@ Rebar Enterprises we bring our best selves when we collaborate.  As a professional services firm, we strive to bring our combined skillsets forward to be the most innovative and cost-effective solution for our customers. The opportunity to collaborate within our company and with our customers improves services and will give you:

  • Fresh inspiration – sometimes you just don’t know

  • A sense of belonging – your contribution counts

  • Quicker decision making – getting things done faster

  • A customer centric approach – ability to meet their needs



@ Rebar Enterprises we work hard but we also celebrate our accomplishments – individually and as a team.  From personal milestones to project goals, we are big on taking the time to recognize and reward.  Over the years, we have celebrated our employees, our customers, and our families through special events.  

Employee Discounts

@ Rebar Enterprises, we want to offer our employees special discounts by partnering with reputable organizations that bring value and service to their lives.  

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