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GFRB Solutions

GFRP Solutions

We are proud to join forces with MST Rebar

Worlds Best GFRP Rebar, as our next Strategic and SR&ED Partner. By combining our respective expertise, we bring multiple solutions to meet all our client needs.

This joint venture is our answer to a new emerging trend in the complexity and design of new projects which require greater creativity and innovative solutions to tackle rapid deterioration of infrastructures, parking and balconies. 

Our decision to join forces with MST is based on a firm belief that, together, we can provide our mutual customers with exceptional products, solutions and services.

Longer Lasting Corrosion Resistant Infrastructure

Build Smart-Network Friendly Buildings of Future

Energy Efficient

Lower-cost Maintenance Structures

Superior Performance and Properties of the product

Exceptional Quality and consistency

Commitment to SR&ED

Infinite Bending Capacity

Annual capacity equivalent to 180K MT of Rebar

Dedicated support design teams

Borna Hajimiragh

MST Rebar Inc’s CEO

I have had the pleasure of working with Emin in various jobs and in research and development. In each one, he has proven his professionalism and dedication to teaching and learning. Emin is innovative in the most non-innovative industry. Obviously he dedicated himself to his profession. Emin understands Rebar and he knows what the people at job site needs, combining his expertise in engineering and job site makes him very unique to come up with the most effective solution to the project. He has been a great asset to work with and I am honor to call him a friend. I'm looking forward to counting many more years of working with him in the future

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