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Constructable Solutions

Flekspert Rebar Engineering

“Save Money and Build Faster”

“Flekspert Rebar Engineering Design has been specifically designed over many years to deliver true value to the owners and contractors. We worked very hard to developed procedures, trainings, and specialized application in collaboration with leading Academics, Designers, Project Mangers, Formwork Contractors, Fabricators and Placers. Our, out of box approach is to find and maximize savings for all of the team stake holders We firmly believe in win-win for all!

Services Included:


  • 360° Rebar Value Engineering

  • Design Optimization-Overdesign Analytics

  • Advanced Logistics- Delivery Plan

  • Easy Install (Step by Step Videos)

  • Congestions Analysis

  • Easy Construct

  • Coupler Elimination

  • High Strength Rebar Design Assist and Hybrid Solutions

  • PT/Rebar Integration-Coordination-Constructability Solutions

  • “Is there more efficient and better way of doing it?”​

Jim Patullo

Avenue Forming

REI are prerequisite to all of our projects.

Rick Dozzi

Canadian BBR Post Tensioning

Working with REI we can Design and deliver even the most complex projects without single glitch

Sandro Brocca

RES Forming

With one stroke of a pen they save us hundreds of thousands of Dollars

Will Smith

Knightsbridge Corp. 

I appreciate your support and partnering throughout the process of the Well. I look forward to seeing Rebar Enterprises on our other sites in the future. 

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