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Modular Rebar

Modular Re-Bar®

Proprietary Patented Designs for any structural element, Know How!

Trademark registered and approved by major engineering firms Modular Re-Bar®, with its well-thought-out  approach, is designed for cast-in-place concrete projects in fields of high rise and heavy construction.


Our pre-assembled rebar solutions will expedite design and building process with simultaneous work onsite and in CSA/CWB certified controlled fabrication facility. Modular Re-Bar® has gained a well-earned reputation for assembly and material utilization for delivering significant schedule reduction, increase in profits, quality control and safety.

Paul Borges


 love Modular Re-Bar®, Help us beat any schedule.

Chris Seon

Salit Steel

Modular Re-Bar® is in such high demand as it proved time over and over to be cost effective superior solutions for accelerating tight schedules,

P. A Safety Director

Our Placers love it as it saves their back and injuries.

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