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Flekspert Consulting

Flekspert Consulting

Exceptional Team of Partner Experts tap into Collaborative Intelligence

Diversity Inclusion (Different point of view and Expertise), Previous Project Experience, Smart Choices, and Conversational Capacity, thus bringing the best solutions to our clients in the most time and cost-efficient manner. 

We bring to the table:

  • 11 years of Field Experience

  • 20+ years in Rebar Detailing/Consulting

  • 2000+ Projects

  • Technical Expertise in all aspects of Rebar utilization and application

  • Expansive Professional Network A-Z

  • Award winning Original Solutions

  • Know How (densities as high as 2800kg/M³)

  • PT and Structural Steel Integration

  • Multiple Patents

Tibor Kokai

RJC Engineers 

Bringing Emin early into design team continually proves to be priceless as he brings unique perspective identifying constructability risks and expertise to solve the same

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