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Meet our Team

Emin Buzimkic President and CEO

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I have dedicated 30+ years to providing the most innovative and valuable Rebar Design system available. I believe in building full service rebar engineering expertise in placing, constructability, and technical solutions. I have always looked for new and visionary opportunities to meet design challenges and to work within collaborative, integrated teams of designers, special consultants, concrete contractors and construction managers. It has been and is my personal goal to deliver high quality, unique, innovative, and inspirational projects worldwide.


I believe in building a future of environs, contributing to community growth and innovation, providing strength and environmental support and giving back to the community of Structural Design. As a member of a number of technical committees on Standards, Codes, and Practices, I commit my time to leading change and innovation.


·    #Technical committee RSIC (Reinforcing Steel Institute of Canada)

·    #Rebar Detailer Certification, Engineering,

·    #Manual of Standard Practice, Placing Manual, Education

·    #CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute)

·    #Canadian Safety Association: 

G30.18 Carbon Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

A23.1 Section 6 Formwork, Reinforcement and Post Tensioning

A23.3 Design of Concrete Structures Catalyst in promotion and use of High Strength Rebar, special and unique reinforcement products, materials, and equipment.

·    #Consultant/Instructor/Coach - to Professional Organizations and

Institutions on Codes and Standards updates, Better Way and New Trends in Design, Alternate Designs, Safety Issues, Common Traps/Fix Problems.

Today my firm employs experienced and aspiring engineers who focus on Flekspert Rebar Value Engineering, alternate design for modular assemblies and innovative means and methods how to capitalize on rebar savings and schedule acceleration.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards in quality, design and solutions. 


We hold trademarks (Modular Re-Bar®) and a number of patents on rebar modularization and composite/hybrid elements.  This is what we do for you.


Admira Buzimkic


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Ahmed Abdelaal

Operations Manager

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Hana Jogic

Office Manager HR,AR/AP

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